Can a Miami bankruptcy Lawyer stop a wage garnishment?


Yes! We have the best Miami bankruptcy lawyer and we can help you with the filing of a bankruptcy  to stop a garnishment of your wages. The day you file your bankruptcy, notices will go out to all your creditors that they need to cease any garnishments,

collection calls, collection letters, and any auto deductions from your bank accounts. In some cases, the funds that are still with an employer or bank that have not yet been sent on to the garnishing party can be retrieved and given back to you.

Once you file your case, an automatic stay is in effect. This stay is what tells the creditors that they need to give you breathing room and time while you are completing your bankruptcy. This is true in either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Find out more on how the  bankruptcy can stop a wage garnishment by contacting a  Miami bankruptcy lawyer today.