What does confirmation mean?

In a Chapter 13 case, the objective is to get court approval of your Chapter 13 plan. Your plan is the statement that you send to all your creditors.

It says which creditors you are going to pay, how you are going to pay them, when you are going to pay them, and who you are not going to pay.

Confirmation hearings are monthly hearings that begin after your 341 Meeting has taken place. These hearings are attended by your attorney. You are not required to go to the confirmation hearing unless your attorney has expressed to you that you need to be there or if you are representing yourself. Failure to attend when you are representing yourself without the help of an attorney may lead to your case being dismissed.

At these hearings, the creditors in your case and the trustee address any questions or concerns that need to be addressed before your Chapter 13 plan is confirmed and finalized. Once the case is confirmed, it means that the trustee and creditors have had the opportunity to address all issues and that the creditors cannot then try to attack your plan after the fact as to do so would be res judicata.

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