Why is the bank filing a foreclosure if we have applied for a modification?

The problem is you are trying to apply human logic to a bank which will steer you wrong every time!

Banks are large organizations. Different departments complete different tasks. The bank has a department that completes the modifications and a different department that refers passed due accounts to the bank’s foreclosure attorneys. Before the modification receives final approval, the bank may refer your account to its attorney to preserve its rights to the property if the modification is denied or payments are not made.

If this happens to you, then you need to make sure you are diligently following up with the bank on the progress of your modification and pay attention to the documents you receive regarding the foreclosure. If you receive anything that has the word “judgment” on it or “sale” you need to speak with an attorney immediately to discuss your options. A bankruptcy can help you keep your home by allowing you to make up the payments you missed over a 5 year period while making your regular monthly payment which may be lower once your modification is approved!

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