Will I be able to keep my credit cards if I file a bankruptcy?

Not likely. Most of your credit cards will close your card/account once they receive notice that you filed a bankruptcy either directly or through the credit reporting bureaus.

In a Chapter 7, the credit cards will cease extending credit to you since you are likely discharging a past balance owed. The credit card companies will look at you as not likely to pay any going forward charges since the past charges are not being paid.

Don’t worry. You will receive credit card applications right after your bankruptcy is completed. However, be wary, the credit cards will have high interest rates and unfavorable terms. You may want to only use these cards in true emergencies and only to the extent you can truly pay them because you don’t won’t get to file another bankruptcy for at least 4 years under bankruptcy code section 727(a)(8).

For Chapter 13 clients, you are in a payment plan. You will not be using credit cards during the life of your plan because the court is only charging what you can afford and truly wants you to be able to exit your payment plan debt free and with a discharge of your unsecured debts. For this reason, if you want to incur new debt, permission must be granted by the court.

This being said, your credit cards might keep your account open if the card is used for a business or if your account is in good standing at the time of filing your bankruptcy, but this is completely at the discretion of the credit card company.

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