Case Results

Larry and Maria were married with two children and owned a home when Larry lost his job and Maria became seriously ill. Their income dropped significantly. Although Larry received unemployment, it did not cover expenses for a family of four and they had to rely on credit cards. By the time Larry found work, one of their cars had been repossessed, they were behind on all their payments, and had run up high credit card debt. They couldn’t pay Maria’s medical bills. Creditors harassed them on the phone, sued them, and even placed liens against their home.

That’s when they came to see Miami personal bankruptcy attorney James Schwitalla. By helping the couple file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, our legal team was able to wipe out all of their debts and remove the liens against their home. Without the burden of credit card debts, medical bills and the barrage of creditor harassment, Larry and Maria were able to pay their mortgage, remaining car loan, and basic living expenses. Peace returned to their lives.*

*Actual results obtained for a client in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case handled by Mr. Schwitalla and his staff. The names of the clients have been changed to protect their privacy.

Darlene was afraid of losing her home when she came to Miami personal bankruptcy lawyer James Schwitalla for help. She was behind on her first and second mortgages. Her husband had withdrawn $20,000 from an equity line of credit and had put additional mortgages on the property without her knowledge. Then he left. Instead of two mortgages, she had four; instead of two incomes, she had one — and $21,000 in credit card debt. Her financial situation had become unmanageable.

When James Schwitalla investigated her case and disclosed all of the facts to the court — including her husband’s fraudulent activities — Mr. Schwitalla was able to remove two of the mortgage claims on her home. She was approved for a payment plan for the other past due mortgage balances and received an order of discharge that eliminated her credit card debts. Without those additional debt burdens, Darlene was able to pay for her living expenses and keep her home.*