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Looking for a bankruptcy lawyer in Dade County can be difficult as there are many firms that claim to practice bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Law Office of James Schwitalla, P.A. specializes in bankruptcy law and we have been representing clients in bankruptcy cases for over 18 years. We know that if you are considering bankruptcy, it is not an easy decision, but we can help. Our office, our staff and our attorneys work with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases every day and we pride ourselves on taking care of our clients so that we make this as simple and painless a process as possible.

It’s easy to procrastinate when it comes to making an appointment and facing what may be ahead but we encourage you to call our offices and schedule and appointment so that we may assist you in weighing out your options, with the facts. Asking for help is hard, especially if you’ve been managing and carrying the burden of your family’s financial well-being for many years. Let us guide you.

Many people put off calling a bankruptcy lawyer out of fear of accumulating even more debt and legal fees. When it comes to debt relief, we provide you with the legal advice that you need to know what will be ahead of you and what to expect from this process. There are no hidden fees, agendas or litigation. We are upfront and honest and we work hard to make sure that you have the opportunity to take full advantage of the bankruptcy laws and the protection available to you.

During your free consultation, you will be working directly with one of the leading bankruptcy law firms in Dade County. James Schwitalla, P.A. and his team have over 2 decades of experience in this particular field of law and we will focus on reviewing your situation, answering your questions and recommending a strategy that suits your particular situation.

No two people are alike. Similarly, everyone’s financial situations are different and require a different approach and debt relief strategy. Bankruptcy laws have been put in place to help everyone from the no-income to high-flying businesspeople.

There’s no need to live in fear of foreclosure or garnishment. If you find yourself in a tough financial situation, let us advise you on the best possible route forward so that you can take the first step to regaining your financial independence and freedom.

To find out more about how we can help you, give us a call today. The first consultation is completely free and it will give you all of the answers that you are looking for in researching the protection available to you under the law. Begin down the road to resolving the problem by Contacting our bankruptcy lawyers in Dade County.