Bankruptcy Law Resources from a Bankruptcy Attorney in Miami

Bankruptcy Law Resources from a Bankruptcy Attorney in Miami

James Schwittalla, a bankruptcy attorney in Miami, shares how he stays informed about recent bankruptcy law news and updates by following reputable legal news sources, government websites, and industry publications.

Bankruptcy Attorney in Miami

Here are some places where you might find relevant information:

Legal News Websites: Websites like Law360, Legal Newsline, and Bloomberg Law often cover updates and developments in bankruptcy law. You can search for bankruptcy-related topics or subscribe to newsletters for regular updates.

Government Websites: The U.S. Courts website ( provides information on federal bankruptcy laws, rules, and recent court decisions. Additionally, the website of the Department of Justice’s U.S. Trustee Program offers news and updates related to bankruptcy administration.

Bar Association Websites: State and local bar associations often publish articles, newsletters, and updates on changes to bankruptcy laws and regulations. Check the website of your local bar association or relevant professional organizations for resources or calling your Bankruptcy Attorney in Miami can help as well.

Legal Blogs and Journals: Many legal scholars and practitioners maintain blogs or contribute articles to legal journals focusing on bankruptcy law. Websites like Lexology and Justia may feature recent insights and analyses on bankruptcy-related topics.

Social Media and Online Forums: Following legal professionals, law firms, and industry experts on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn can provide access to timely updates and discussions on bankruptcy law developments.

Industry Publications: Publications such as the American Bankruptcy Institute Journal and Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice offer in-depth analysis and commentary on bankruptcy law issues. Consider subscribing to these publications or accessing them through libraries or online databases.

Webinars and Seminars: Many legal organizations and continuing legal education providers offer webinars, seminars, and conferences on bankruptcy law topics. These events often feature discussions of recent developments and trends in bankruptcy law.

By regularly monitoring these sources, you can stay up-to-date on recent bankruptcy law news, legislative changes, court decisions, and other developments that may impact your practice or interests. Additionally, consulting with a qualified Bankruptcy Attorney in Miami can provide personalized guidance on how these changes may affect your specific situation.

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